2009 Photos from my iPhone

I have this yearly habit from all of my years working as a journalist of putting together a end of year wrap-up. So this has been a busy year for me with a lot of poltics, travel, wedding photography and gardening.

Please visit my end of year gallery at http://www.jaybryant.com/2009pics All of these photos were taken with my iphone.

Here are three of my favorites:

Waiting for Obama’s Train in DE:

Photo by Jay Bryant

New York’s Wall Street Canyon’s:

Photo by Jay Bryant

And flying over Iowa:

Photo by Jay Bryant

My visit to Central Nebraska

I took a detour on my way to CES to visit my parents in Central Nebraska this month. As I get older I am doing one of the great photographer tricks of re-visiting previous locations to update the images.

Hordville, NE is a very small town about 30 miles from my hometown of Grand Island, NE. I did a documentary project on Hordville while I was in college that resulted in one of my portfolio images of this grain elevator (shot on Kodachrome).

So 25 years later I came back and not much has changed in Hordville. There are more photos located at http://www.jaybryant.com/hordville

The photo below is from the Hordville post office and reflects the imact of Walker Evans on my documentary style of photography.

Hordville NE Post Office